31 May 2011

Cutting Trees

There is nothing inherently wrong with cutting trees, as long as the harvest is done with science-based forestry practices in mind.  At least not in North America.  All forests and tree species require forest disturbance for regeneration.  Forestry practices imitate these natural disturbances but happen without the negative consequences to humans and provide essentials for humans.  "Natural" is not necessarily better.  Management provides more "stuff" for people per unit area, and without the negative environmental consequences.  Management also adds value (monetary and otherwise) to forests and helps keep forestlands intact (as opposed to urban splatter).  A properly harvested forest, which includes clearcutting of certain forest types, is not harmful, evil, devastation, ruin, or any other undesirable outcome.  The only possible downside is the change in visual quality, which is basically a selfish "me now" attitude.  Get over it and think of someone else for a change.