Loud Pipes - Just Piss-off People

There you are in the middle of the night or just trying to fall asleep.  Then some redneck jackass fires-up his (usually male, I suspect) monster truck with loud pipes.  The night is broken because some tiny-peckered under-achiever hollers to all the neighborhood "Hey look at me!  I'm a stupid jerk with the IQ of a box of rocks".  The only people who think this behavior is cool are the other low-end social troglodytes who also have scrapes on their knuckles from having to drag them through the dirt while they walk.  And of course, their semi-toothless women who seem to think a regular beating is a method of personality enhancement 

Just when you're done growling at the ignoramous, and about to fall back asleep, one of their in-bred cousins does the same thing.  Before you know it, a couple of hours of sleep have been lost and thoughts turn to torturing the dumb bastards.  Kinda disturbing.  But then you realize they can't help themselves.   Their stupidity runs so deep that any hope of social consciousness is little more than a distant whimper.  They should all be exiled to the west side of the Gobi Desert.  But then again, that would be unfair to the lizards and sand snakes. 

And so it goes.  All night.  Even in the early morning, the hung-over knot heads, unaware of the drool down their chins adding the night's crust stains, roar past on their way to work at some low-end union job that pays enough for truck modifcations and lots of beer. 

The loud Harleys have the same effect.  When I hear a pack of leather-clad grayheads roaring up behind me while I'm driving down the four-lanes . . . I love to jerk my car in their direction, feigning a rapid lane change.  Boy, that pisses 'em off and usually precipitates a string of hand gestures.  If I didn't accept their value as human beings (albeit bums) I would probably make it a sport to run them off the road. 

I actually own a Harley myself.  But I run radical with the original exhaust system.  A quiet rebel.  It beats the droll Harley head who just makes a lot of unnecessary noise.  I suppose the greater human inadequancy too often results in this sort of expository behaviour.  The lower the self-image, the greater the jerk you're likely to be. 

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