09 June 2011

More River Bank Development

Many people seem to think the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a "wilderness".  Well, I suppose if you live a typical urban/suburban setting, then I suppose it might me.  However, if you observe through the lenses of nature, it is not.  Not by a long shot.  The "Pure Michigan" campaign claims are lies . . . but then it's marketing and what else would you expect? 

I paddled a middle stretch of the Ford River.  Most of the private property, which is at least half the adjacent land, has a cabin or house on the river.  Prime habitat "developed " against wildlife by those who supposedly claim a love of wildife.  Idjits.  This spring there were five new houses and/or major additions.  Most were within 30-50 feet of the river bank.  One had spoils over the bank into the river. 

In a sense, the Upper Peninsula is still 'wild' in that compliance with such mickey-mouse ordinances like set-backs and other environmental protection regulations can be successfully ignored.  County and township officials don't care.  Why should arrogant property owners?