Four Lights - No Brains


Ever had someone flash their brights at you while driving down the road?  When you didn’t have your brights on? 

Well, maybe it was because you had four lights bearing down on hapless oncoming traffic.  You know, those extra pair of fog lights that seem to have grown in popularity over the past decade. 

For some, me included, this extra pair of headlights is almost as blinding as a normal set of high beams.  Some folks have rather light-sensitive sight.  Two regular headlights are bad enough, but understandably necessary.  Four lights are frivolous and entirely unnecessary . . . and potentially dangerous. 

When semi truck drivers can get by with a single pair of lights, one has to wonder why some people in their passenger vehicles “need” the fog lights running.  More often than not, these big trucks present less of a visual challenge than the four-eyed cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

So, if you’re wondering what you’ve done to deserve a shot in the retinas when you apparently don’t deserve it . . . think again.  If you have that extra set of lights, consider turning them off.  Be considerate of those folks coming at you that have trouble with bright lights at night.  The life you save might be your own. 

And don’t be too surprised when rude behavior is sometimes the response to  . . . well . . . your own rude behavior. 

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