11 October 2011

Fall Colors

Well, the color season is almost behind us.  The tourism weenies have done their usual marvelous job of overselling and misrepresenting.  The bumpkin RVs are bobbling their way back to the big cities.  The annual moronic banter across the media is whining down. 

Granted, the season is a gorgeous one.  And, the weather was particularly spectacular this year.  Of course, it's good that neophytes and nincompoops get out for at least a taste.  However, when tasting only the icing on the cake, one really doesn't know how the cake is supposed to taste. 

The aesthetic appreciation of a dynamic forest system goes far beyond the simple visual quality of the fall season, or some cute furry animal scuffling away from an assumed predator.  The ignorant platitudes and attitudes towards forests by the majority grows offensive, and occasionally nauseating. 

Damn nice view Marge.  Can you pop me another Bud Light? 

An entire cheesy industry (Pure Michigan!) is built on the superficial fluff of natural resource visual quality.  The meat is almost entirely missing.  The fact that the use of these resources are essential to our survival goes unnoticed.  In fact, the hollywood version too often trumps the real life version.  When celebrities rule the day, the days run short.  When tourists call the shots, it's almost game-over. 

I fear for the grandchildren. 

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