17 October 2011

Grandstanding Politicians

"Light travels faster than sound.  This is why politicians appear bright until you hear them speak."

Obsenators and Reprehensibles. 

Well the pork boys are out spending more time and money to garner votes, while doing nothing to solve problems.  Four Congressional Representatives and a small cadre of state mini-minds are buffooning over forestry issues at a large panel conference at a local community college.  An extravagant display, complete with verbal fireworks and politically-correct dancing girls.  They sit on panels talking about timber supply, transportation, and how lousy the Forest Service is.  While all of these issues are legitimate, and action certainly ought to be taken, the topics have been studied ad nauseum and recommendations never followed through.  If these political hacks were genuinely interested in making positive change, they would be directing their staffs to comb through all the groundwork done over the past couple decades and devine a strategy to resolve the problems.  Instead, they appear to prefer the media limelight, posturing and blustering about how bad this thing is or inefficient that agency has become.  They are good examples of what they advocate against.  I think that's what straight-thinkers call hypocrisy?  I can think of worse descriptors.

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